A Proper View at the Issue

The island issue between Japan and China has come to a nasty end, it is not quite surprising that this would one day happen. I can see the only thing that has changed is US’s foreign policy. The Chinese are not stupid. We can see the recent dynamics of international atomsphere, and we fear for our life in foreign countries will soon reach to a rough time.

The goal of US foreign policy is to antagonize the Chinese government, unfortunately, it has two strategic failures. One the long waged strategy of ideological invasion has come to an end when Obama administration reverse the course of US foreign policy. The Clinton and Bush administration understood foreign policies. Obama however is very subtly pulling the world away from the American ideology, and with the current state of the policitcs in the US, it is only time before we see a wave of deamericanization accross the world.

Wait, I think it must have already beginned. Except for China. The second failure is that Obama administration is dividing the US. His aggressive approach has ignited stronger opposition ever seen in modern US history. But when you are trying to fix internal problems, it is only common practice to relax your foreign policies. The US chose to approach the Arabs by distancing the Isrealiis, it is too obvious and too naive. Answer this, who want to make friends with someone that disposes their friends? There is no obvious commtual benefits between US and the Arabs, there is no obvious need for such actions.

The west pacific countries’ recent acitons against China seem very spontaneous. I don’t think there is much organization in this, each country has been waiting for a weak moment for China, and as a wave, they have come. It is obvious that they are betting against the weakness in Chinese politics hoping that a combined actions of pressure will create benefit for themselves, and they will lose the bet.

Why? There are different reasons. I will talk about one, it is not about military nor economics. It is something more obvious, they don’t have the same goals, but the Chinese we have one, we have suffered from destruction and demeaning for such a long time, we cannot let that happen again.

They have been talking about this issue for a long time, don’t look at the Chinese with the western eyes. But it still comes, sometimes in a funny way. The recent media looked at several social issues in China, most of which through the eyes of economists. The question is how stable is China right now? How do we define stability, and how do we compare countries that are completely different in structure and political ideology? So let’s not talk about China for a second. Let’s talk about United States. Isn’t it obvious how much it turns into turmoil, people hold on to the idea of one country? The only issue that break away a country today is race. It is not surprising that many non-Chinese will hope for the racial division of the Chinese. Many claimed that Han Chinese’s dominance in the country has surpress the other ethics groups. My point of why Chinese should be one does not stand on historical basis or racial equality, but practicality.

It is not easy to be an independent country in a world like this today. It is easy to claim independent, but there is no such thing as an independent country. There are country leagues that punish those that misbehaves, and the prosperity of any country today depend heavily on trade. That is why it is not only impractical to form a separate nation unless a ethic group holds a very important resource that the dominant race exploits heavily. It is generally not true that local people beleive there is racial inequality. The racial division in China is not even historically a big issue. Racial conflict did exist from time to time in history but conflicts are country wise. There was seldom racial problems within a country. It has to do with the fact that the Han Chinese as we call ourselves today was several times conquered in history. The inequality comes from the fact that Han society has build up ocnnections, and ethnic people either due to geological separation or language barrier, could not form such business connections.

In fact, what is wrong about teaching the one country in schools? There is nothing wrong to absorb other races and teach nationalism in the US, but suddenly in China, it becomes wrong doing. It is ok to require school to have english teachings in the US, but suddenly, teaching Chinese in ethinic regions, becomes unreasonable.  The reason why the US is still sufferring from racial discrimination comes from the fact that the country was never over the disctimination issue from their religion. The division of Churches, and division of racial communities is something we definately want to avoid in China, that is why Christianity must not dominate the religious population in China.

As a matter of fact, as compared to a christian nation, I would rather see a communist China. Christianity with American origin is unforgiving, intolerant on many fundamental differences of views. It seem great for small communities, but it divides population, it antagonize science, and further more, it discriminates.

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