A Storm Is Coming

CLoser and closer, we are getting to the punch line of this year. For the first time, we don’t know what will happen. We sort of guessed, but uncertainty has raised to a point that the nearest future is almost impossible to predict.

Watching the daily news in China has been the morning routine that I go through, form a look afar, these news look rather amusing. But people at home might not think of it this way. It is rather frightening that the mordenization of cities and the diminishing of small communities has created such a mutated social reality. I think it is time for us to really think about engineering a society that preserve the structure of traditional communities. Implementing religions has been the experiments people have conducted in the eastern provinces. However, when church populations grow to a certain size, the stabilization effects of religion become trivial. And religions, like any hiearchies, sustain huge amounts of corruptions, this is not hard to show.

China has lost its purpose. We are contempt with our current achievements, nobody realized this is our most desperate and weakest moment. The whole society is going through a divorce with a still celebrated past. Without the perspective of future, everyone has been trying to grasp something for just now, for who knows what will happen tomorrow? The ever intensifying tension, arguments will come to an end eventually, and turn into actions. Silently, there is something moving, I don’t see it. But I am sure it is out there. A storm is coming and it is getting really really close.

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