A DownFALL for The Giant

Is Windows8 going to be a huge success? I don’t think so, few years ago when 3D movies became extrapopular because of the success of Avatar, manufactures think 3D TVs are going to replace standard HD tvs, they were wrong. 3D concept is already fading out.

This is the same situation of the tablet frenzy. Yes, people like tablets, but it is not going to replace laptops. Many of us have laptops which we carry to work, and desktops when we work at home, and we have tablets, mostly for reading or just for fun. A hybrid between laptop and tablet? I don’t think so.

The sole reason why we don’t work on tablets is that it is not convenient. And the reason we like to carry tablets on planes is that it has a long battery life. Do we really need something that are not as powerful for carrying out our work functions but do not have enough battery for us to enjoy its portability?

Windows 8 is not going to be a success because most of us use windows to WORK, not just to use it to play facebook which by the way has become totally not cool. Two years ago, you walk in a library, essentially everyone has facebook on or at least in the backgorund. Today, facebook is not as appealing because people are simply getting bored. Economic reality drives the society more towards real life and keeping an online identity is becoming a much less significant part of our lives.

Windows 8 is going to loose the scientific community in terms of its inconvinience. Windows 8 is going to loose professional writers and aritists because there are too much distractions on the desktop. Windows system is getting only worse because the internet restrictions and software restrictions. Users are paying more for their softwares because there are less free softwares available. In a ever more socialist country, US is loosing its economic strength. Current economic growth is somewhat mysterious. The american giants have reported somewhat slow down of growths, yet ecomomy numbers keeps climbing. Why? Election? What is driving the growth? Exports? Banking? When all the companies somewhat demonstrates profit loss, how come the data shows economic boombing?

Comparing to the beginning of the year, we see much less new cars on the streets, decline of online sales, especially from companies like Amazon. Is this signaling a pre-election euphoria? In an economy that has lost its liveliness, what is to come in the post-election America? What is the future for companies like Apple? What about GE and Bank of America. These companies are so important to the american industrial identities. And hopefully at the end of this year, we can have some answers.

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