Going Solar?

Read this article in NYT, home owners are going solar. Wired thing, I was just thinking about that the other night.

The unfortunate truth is that, although it is a great vision, solar panels has limited life times as well. However much they make the impression that american solar companies are bringing this change, none of these will be possible without the low-cost of the panels themselves. The solar companies are ripping customers off big time. And where do you think they got their panels from? China of course.

It is a sad story how Chinese treat themselves much much worse than they treat foreigners. When you purchase something from Chinese dealers, you often get better products if they think you are a foreigner. I still cannot understand such mentality. What way of doing business is that?

(The whole economics boom in China today will not be possible without United States, and many Chinese do not realize that.)

But even when we are capable of production, we are producing, and we are consuming, we still do not have a society that allow people to enjoy all these. We don’t have a complete supply chain, we don’t have enough marketing, we don’t have enough regulations to protect our own consumers, and there is absolutely no way to be successful, if you cannot get your own people to believe in your products.

The cheap model will eventually drag the country until the normal Chinese people realize that this way of labor does not fit in with the modern way of life, it will create a society that is far more bizzare than any we have seen before. The government clearly has realized that, but are not brave enough to do anything that will potentially slow down the economic growth. Instead they use an approach trying to control what people like and what they think. It never works. It never will, and I cannot express the fear for its future.

All modern societies are ached by the intertwined relationship between politics and industry, and we are realizing more and more that the society are more and more determined by the political culture, but by cooperate culture. Cooperations functions like countries within countries. They have their own loyals, own rules, own cultures and even own armed forces. This part of the modern society is actually present in all societies. In a sense our countries are more or less influenced/controlled by these cooperations, or people who control these cooperations.

This is what we cannot change, but sadly, this is why war never ends, this is why officials make foolish decisions. It is not because they are stupid, they are absolutely smart enough for their job. They have to comply to the need of their patrons, the cooperation they are related to, and the need for themselves to do better with the help of those. This make society change much harder these days, it makes politics much more complicated. As always, it is not because politics is hard, it’s the need of different parties make democracy or any polical practice hard.

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