The Games

It is ultimately a game of power and control. It is ironic how at the moment Chinese named the president Vantican named the Pope. Still, Pope is the head of the headline. Chinese president, huh… there is no element of surprise. The media has changed the language, 10 years ago, they said “chairman”, now they uses the word “president”. Presumably, nothing much changed about the Chinese politics, the only thing they have realized is that there is something fundamentally different between regimes in Iran/North Korea/Cuba/Libya/Sudan and China. China is suffering from a corrupted system, but it has a clear goal which is different from the rest- to make the people rich.

It was after the “red revolution” so called, that both the government and the people in China realized the reality. It was that man-made disaster that pound on the idiosyncratic dreams of unreleastic societies and scientific achievements that we realized everything eventually depends on money and power.

This realization brought about two changes: the realization of a need for social change, and the realization of the neccessity of international relations. And so, China was absorbed into the game of power and wealth. And there comes the path to change.

Chinese influence is still quite neglegible today- it takes time to build mutal trust and to organize cooperations with countries that have few interests in common. This aspect alone, there is no question how a rivalry between any country and the US is going to end. Fortunately, there is weakness in the giant, which it has not yet even realized. It seems so trivial at first, it seems so normal it originates from the will of the people, and thus the will of the people decides the reality- a reality that broke the country into many conflicting pieces. These pieces are further broken into domestic interest and its need for keeping its seemingly useless international advantage. The American also forgot that international relaitons takes constant tempting, arrogance at a time like this overwrites years of friendship. And through that China was able to grasp some breath.

President Obama is an ambitious leader, his soft side in bi-partisan politics is in constrast in his consistence in international policies- he is well aware of the difficulties America is facing today.

Sure when war is transferred out of the American soil. Terroists are bombing the Iraqis not the Americans, Arabs are focusing on local conflicts, the Chinese come naturally into mind. Contraction on foreign meddling means Obama is well aware of the current capabilities of the country. It have to make delicate balance in the south east asia while not giving the advantage to the Japanese or Korean. Naturally, the Phillipines have becomed the best friend. Burma was the next to patch things up with the US, then comes countries that have a serious stare on the south China sea.

Japan is getting more and more aggressive on the territorial claim on the disputed islands, the American watched them do as they want believing that no real conflict is going to happen in the region. At least not between Taiwan, Mainland, or Mainland and Japan. It is indeed the last chance for the Japanese to do this, and anybodies’ chance to benefit from the possible turmoil for a change in the Chinese politics. The American chose to stay out of the meddle, which is not smart, because of North Korea. When th Chinese and Japense are fighting what do you think the North Koreans are doing? North Korea itself could not do much, but residing between 3 leading powers of the world, how was it able to survive the control of either super power, and from this it seems like the Chinese are really lacking a sense of exercising its power. What in the world is the Chinese thinking?

China is playing a slow game of power, it is only when the science, creativity, productivity and the knowledge a country accumulated that a country can be powerful. It is the change of the intellectual but not a superficial revolution that changes the name from chairman to president, not one that changes the constitution, or one that displaces the ruling class, or brings about subtle changes in government efficiency. For decades, we have seen countries that overthrew the kings and ditactors, and the only consequence for that is an even more turmoiled state, destability causes fragmentation of state, endless conflicts between people with differnt interests and political/regious views. The function of a country is not there without stability and consistancy, accompanying these comes naturally inefficiency, corruption, and unhappy population. But if change is taken too fast, then all the things we have strif to get will be even more distanced, at the same time, nothing is to be promised by a simple idea of democracy.

This game is carefully played everyday, for power and wealth. There is no way to win a war without a clear purpose, the Chinese have a clear purpose, but to pervail, there is much more to that. There is absolutely no gaurantee that the patience in the political leaders today will last to future generations, it is extremely hard to achieve this goal. But until then, every minute, we have everything to loose. And yet the game is never over, the rule of the power is that you either have it or you do not. There is no such thing as sort of having it, influence is meaningless, bogus threat is futile, to be powerful means a lot more than just economic/military strength, it requires careful cultivation of international relations and capabilities a country can bring about benefits to the world.

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