The Delicate Balance

The need for adult entertainment and the need to protect the teenagers are always in a very delicate balance. It seems like, adult contents are penetrating more into the teenagers’ world, and the only protection, mostly are these 18 warnings, which does not do any actual protection unless parental guidance is involved.

In history, the success in the adult’s world does not always affect the younger generations largely, and today, this trend is reversed. Before, the teenagers’ world is supposed to be “cooler”, with more weird cultural phenomenon, and more imaginations. Today, this is exactly true for the adult entertainment, it is as if, our generation of adults never grow up. After all, how much can you make out of a children’s movie? How much advertisement revenue can you generate marketing candies to 5-year-olds, they do not have pockets. In a profit driven world, it is not hard to understand the emphasis on the adult entertainment. As a result of this abundance and variety in adult entertainment, such contents are getting into youngsters world, it is alarming while certainly unfortunate that at the same time, movies are getting only more bloodier, more violent, and more daring to win over the adults who are so in need for them.

Do we really prefer violence to a good story? The movie business has always been a business striving to bring in new elements onto the screen, and people loved them. From the first recording of a train coming into the station, to the incorporation of sound, to the voiced stories, to the special effects. When we look back now, those cheesy quality and effects in the old movies were once cheered by the audiences; because people do not just believe what they see, they want to. That is why they go to the cinemas.

Imagine a kid watching the same thing, they are not just going to believe what they see, they tends to grasp the morals as well. Imagine a parent teaching his son to punch anyone who treat him unfairly, and imagine a pretty adult idol teaching him the same value. Is it even hard to find the answer why sports violence has been on the rise? Is it even hard to justify the fear for firearms nowadays? The problems is now: to show off the technology and the efforts put into a movie, a simple gun fight is slowed down and elongated as if to teach people how to act violently. Even a non-violent person like me would have dreams about gun fights which I seldom know what I am even doing fighting others. Imagine people actually have a gun in their drawer. Then imagine people who are obsessed with guns, who have an active imagination about how to use them.

Under the current culture, violence is not just a choice when dealing with issues, but also the most imaginable mean. It is like the classical picture to clam down the crowd with a gun shot, only now people are calming their anger with gun shots. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a society whose culture is driven by profits. Popular culture is determined by the copy of records sold, and movies are defined by the net profit.

Where this society is going towards is actually quite frightening to me.

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