Until you realize that drama is not the way to live

I have been a subscriber for HBO for quite a bit now, besides the occasional children movies I skipped into, I mostly enjoyed the series and movies. But recently, I started to doubt the values for drama: does everything has to be dramatic to be entertaining? The original series The Game of Thrones has recently got me hooked, I would stay home every Sunday to enjoy it. Then I decided to desert it, because it is too dramatic.

I have to say although I was totally surprised by the death of Rob Stark last Sunday, and although I do believe it was a nice thing to put in there, I was made conscious about the nature of the drama; and it was totally because of that, I realize that life contain absolute no drama.  I realized a day later that, Rob has made too many mistakes but seemed too perfect to be killed by battle, so he has to die brutally in a plot. Counter-intuition is what make the moment successful, but a lot of the times in a drama, using counter-intuition sacrifices its integrity. And indeed, the director spent so much efforts to mollify the atmosphere, up to a point where everyone think something good is going to result, and yet it was smooth, the viewers are making assumptions to justify a small change in tone, then comes the sudden descent into danger.

Life is often a progression of events, it was often not cause and effect, but cause, delay, then effect. The delay part is what is boring to drama, and has to be dismissed. The Game of Thrones story was carved out of the books of the A song of Ice and Fire, the long volumes of the book stretches out to give it a delay, but like the TV drama, something worth writing is something worth catching; rather unlike life where moments of seemingly unimportant events actually result into significant consequences. Drama, has made us think dreams are closer to us, and because of the lack of drama in real life, people are easier to give up as well.

The false idea that as long as he got what it takes, or as long as one work hard, or as long as he has the right stuff, he will get what he wishes has been more prevalent in the dramas. These are soothing but poisonous values. While drama is so indulging, we forgot our lives that are primarily non-dramatic, we forgot our own world that has a completely different value, and to some extend we believe in the things that make us happy, which drive us away from reality. In many cases, I started to think, since our popular culture is having such a big influence on our ways of lives, it might be the cause for the increase in ADHD and bipolar disorder in the society. In fact,  over exposure to drama might just explain the prevalence of these disorders. Can they even be called disorders?

I believed that the best way to live is to actually stay away from drama. Life takes waiting, every once in a while, we encounter accidents or surprises, but that the best we can get, in terms of deviation from normality.  Life can be boring and tedious, and that is the way it should be. When your life is full of expectations for drama, you are bound to get depressed when for the most part all you get is normality.

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