The New Funky Music? Love Faith Lust +Dream

The name of the album implies that you get a whole package. Seems like a rather good deal, but never have I not enjoy songs that are so empty. The electros and the special editing make the whole album sound so very funky rather than being intentionally implicit. In fact, I think it was a mistake for 30 second to mars to be that way in the first place. Their lyrics are choppy and short, and you cannot be implicit with repeated use of words such as die, live and never, these are very shallow and explicit words. And as much as they tried to make them rhyme, it does not. There are however, minor moments that are worth while. The majority? seems like something that can be finished in two months. Their music has lost a direction, any direction that sets a theme, as it’s sang in the album “I am lost”. I was pretty sure that they are lost. Their last album was not so good either, and slowly, they just fall to the very bottom of the normality.

What about the title ‘Love faith lust and dream’ itself ? When all these are mixed together, it’s void, it’s nothing, it’s the teens, internal conflict of self, for all the bands I liked, 30 seconds to mars is the only one that is moving backwards.  I don’t think in general this album is quite in the taste for adults.



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