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Hello Ladies reviews up to ep. 3

I have to say, I have read many reviews after viewing the first two episodes, I was not sure where the show was going, but episode three is where these characters all really become someone that leaves us a strong impression. They are us. They are exactly like us. All the things these characters did I could feel the embarrassment inside, because I have been there, and some of these experiences whether dating or trying to save face from friends have stock up lots of bad memories. Laughing at myself helped me release a lot of stress and self doubt, and it is entertaining because  Stuart is actually the average person, (except for his height) although we do not want to admit it and try to convey to others that we are cool people and had sex before 20 or whatever, it is not generally true. There is no shame for being an old virgin, or nerd that does not know how to impress ladies, it is what it is. The story is trying to tell people to be themselves and not to try to be that guy you saw in some shows, because you will come off really stupid.

I love the show, and I see many people around me trying for something that they should not, and I see myself chasing something that I do not qualify. We are not really crazy, it is just we are misled by all these movies, and popular cultures that the world is all about rich people, pretty people, shallow people and successful people. Forgetting that normal people is just as interesting as “important” people. Forgetting that we need “deep” things too, for so long popular culture has rejected this concept and some how we have transformed into a culture of “whatever”. I do not think the show is going to receive much great reviews by the public, because it has some meaning, and people do not like that.